Spring is here!  Here are a few Spring Cleaning tips for our tenants...

  • Do you have Central Air Conditioning?  Be sure to turn your thermostat over to A/C and let it run PRIOR to very hot days.  Should you notice the unit is not cooling or functioning properly please let us know so we may place a ticket for repair.  This is preventative maintenance to ensure everything is functioning before summer arrives.

  • If you are renting a house, check your gutters!  Are they full of debris?  

  • Are you seeing signs of ants or other pests?  Please let us know.

  • Please be sure to check with us BEFORE placing kiddie and/or swimming pools as well as fire pits.  Some restrictions apply on certain properties!  

  • When grilling out, be sure your grill is at least 6 FEET away from your home or anything else that may catch fire.  Do not place your grill against the property!